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House Jacking

Jacking and moving of homes, camps, sheds, cottages, barns and fireplaces on the same lot.

We will rig your building with our steel beams and lift with our jacking system.

We can lift your building in place, turn it so it faces a different direction or move it to a new location.

Some of our most common requests are to lift buildings, then install a new complete concrete foundation or to move camps or cottages back away from waters edge. We get a lot of requests for camp jacking to install concrete pads and new posts along with barn jacking to replace rotten sills.

My wife and I purchased an older “fixer-upper” home, knowing that we needed to address some structural issues. I called Paul Mushero and several others for estimates. During our inspection his confidence and experience were quite evident. Not only was he able to point out a number of problem areas that I had missed, I was pleasantly surprised that he also allayed my fears regarding several things I thought were (potentially expensive) concerns but actually quite normal and harmless.

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When your project means the world to you, but contractors are running away scared or making promises that they cannot keep, call Mushero's Jacking and Moving. Paul will show up to make a fair estimate and answer all of your questions. He and his crew work in all kinds of weather with knowledge and confidence. My father built the house that I live in with hand tools in 1975. It sat on cinder blocks and granite slabs for years. However, after 45 Maine winters followed by rainy springs, it was in desperate need of rescue. I cried the day it was lowered onto a brand new foundation. Mushero's Jacking and Moving saved the house that I grew up in. I couldn't be happier. - - Leanna Kulas Lilienthal, March 25, 2021

We really appreciate the fine job you did!! It seemed like an impossible task to Mario and me but Paul is so capable and took care of everything.

Thanks, - - Laura

"We do the job like we are doing it for ourselves"

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